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Discussions on Church Communications

December 1, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Stefano Lucchini and Mr. Gianni Di Giovanni, authors of the book.
Nothing is more easy, nothing more difficult. A (practical) manual for communications

November 24, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Paolo Fucili, Vatican Corrispondent of TV2000 (Italy)
Taking nothing for granted: working professionally in Catholic Television

November 17, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Magdi Cristiano Allam, writer and journalist
Communication Challenges for the new Evangelization of Europe
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November 10, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Stefano Tognoli, Director of the Communications Office of the University Campus Bio-Medico (Rome).
Some experiences of institutional communication from within the hospital

October 27, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Luigi Tornari, Director of RTL 102,5
Media that never dies; new approaches for Radio in a digital age

October 6, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Aldo Maria Valli, journalist (RAI) and author of the book
The truth about the Pope: Why they are attacking him; Why we should listen to him

May 5, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Francesco Arlanch, scriptwriter ("St. August," "Pius XII," "Don Matteo").
Writing for Cinema and TV: How to convey virtuous living to the General Audience

April 19, 2010
Meeting with Fr. Paolo Padrini, coordinator of Pope2you.net
The Church and the social networks

March 24, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Marco Tosatti, journalist for "La Stampa" and free-lance writer
From the Shroud of Turin to the Devil: journalistic views in blogs, newspapers, and books

March 10, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Antoine-Marie Izoard, Director of the Communications Agency I.MEDIA
Is secular France interested in news on the Pope and the Holy See?

March 17, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Simone Casavecchia , Director of "Edizioni Sabinae"
Ethical problems of an Editorial Project. Is it possible to manage a Sustainable Communication?

March 3, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Francesco de Meo, Director of the Catholic Communications Agency "NeoSigno"
An Advertising Campaign Encouraging Catholics to Come Back to the Holy Mass: Can it Work?

February 24, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Giovanni Mottini and Mrs. Rosalinda Corbi, President and General Administrator of Harambee Africa International Onlus.
Introducing the 4th Edition of "Communicating Africa" International Audiovisual Award, and its new Education Projects in Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Angola and Cameron.

February 17, 2010
Meeting with Msgr. Domenico Pompili, Vice Secretary and Spokesman of the Italian Bishops Conference
Presenting the upcoming Conference "Testimoni Digitali" (Digital Witnesses), organized by the IBC

January 20, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Amerigo Vecchiarelli, News Editor of TV2000 (Sat2000)
Is it possible for a Catholic TV Channel to compete with Public and Commercial TV Stations?

January 13, 2010
Meeting with Mr. Giuseppe Corigliano, Press Office Director of Opus Dei in Italy
How does one explain the apostolic work of Opus Dei to Journalist?

December 2, 2009
Meeting with Prof. Juan Manuel Mora, Vice Rector for Communications, University of Navarra (Spain)
Institutional Communications and terrorism. Case study

November 11, 2009
Meeting with Fr. Duarte da Cunha, General Secretary of the Council of European Bishops Conferences
Church and Pubblic Opinion: the function of the CEBC (aka CCEE)

November 2, 2009
Meeting with Fr. Chris Townsend, Information Officer of the Office for Communication and Media, South African Catholic Bishops' Conference
The Catholic Church and the World Soccer Cup in South Africa (2010)

October 28, 2009
Meeting with Dr. Gian Guido Vecchi, Vatican Corrispondent of "Il Corriere della Sera"
Writting about the Church in Italy's largest newspaper

October 14, 2009
Meeting with Dr. Filippo Anastasi, Vice-Director of Radio RAI News and Head of Religion Coverage
Religion coverage in a Public Radio Station

June 5, 2009
Meeting with Dr. Jorge Soley and Alejandro Luque, Indes. Education & Fund, Barcelona
Seminar on social networking and fundraising

May 20, 2009
Meeting with Dr. Luigi Amicone and Samuele Sanvito, Director and Vice director of "Tempi"
Why create a non-conformist weekly newspaper

May 15, 2009
Meeting with Eduardo Verástegui, Protagonist and Co-Producer of the film "Bella"
Even films with values can be successful

May 13, 2009
Meeting with Dr. Barbara Scaramucci, Director of Teche RAI
Our story: 50 years of multimedia archives

April 29, 2009
Meeting with Prof. Greg Burke, Rome correspondent for Fox News (United States)
Ten Rules of good journalism

April 27, 2009
Meeting with Dr. Michael Gilstrap, Executive Director of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross Foundation
A Personal Public Relations Story

March 25, 2009
Meeting with Dr. Michelle Hough, Director of the Communication Department of "Caritas Internationalis"
How to communicate the activities and initiatives of a charitable institution 

February 25, 2009
Meeting with Dr. Aldo Maria Valli, Vatican correspondent for TG1 (RAI)
Possibilities and limitations of televised information from the Holy See

January 21, 2009
Meeting with Dr. Gianni Astrei, President of Fiuggi Family Festival:
Promoting a family film: The Fiuggi Family Festival experience

January 14, 2009
Meeting with Dr. Luca Collodi, head director of Vatican Radio:
How does one run a radio station in 38 languages?

December 10, 2008
Meeting with Dr. Michele Zanzucchi, Director of Città Nuova magazine
Why a magazine on the Fire Movement? 

November 26, 2008
Meeting with Dr. Paolo Rodari, Vatican correspondent for Il Riformista newspaper
Text and context in the information on the Holy See 

October 29, 2008
Meeting with Dr. Andrés Beltramo, Vatican correspondent for the news agency NOTIMEX (Mexico)
Is Latin America interested in news about Pope Benedict? 

October 22, 2008
Meeting with Dr. Mari Paz López, Rome correspondent for La Vanguardia magazine (Barcelona)
Is communication still worthwhile?

October 13, 2008
Meeting with Prof. Phill Brooks, Director of the State Government Reporting Program of School of Journalism of Columbia-Missouri
Taking seriously the press's financial crisis?

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